Industrial Design Master's Students

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Aaron McEun

Interests: Design Research, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Fabrication

Alex Karshis

Interests: Disaster Relief, Furniture Design, Design Research, Interaction Design

Amy Conley

Interests: Industrial design, interaction design, furniture design, housewares design, design research, user research and testing

Andres Felipe Quintero

Interests: Human-Centered Design, 3D, Product Design

Ashley Lincoln

Interests: Industrial design, graphic design, biomimicry, design for the environment, social impact design, design research, human-centered design

Cameron White


Interests: ......

Catherine Cunningham


Interests: ......

Che Wei Liu

Interests: Industrial design, graphic design, UX/UI, Consumer Electronics

Claude Reyes

Interests: Technology, Furniture Making, User Centered Design, UX Design, Service Design

David Holguínín-060756100

Interests: Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Creativity, Technology, Clean Energy

DreVan Anderson-Ka'apa


Interests: ......

Elizabeth Reuter

Interests: User experience design, design research

Elliott Martinez

Interests: Mechanical Systems, Manufacturing, Energy, UX

Jazmin Samanez

Interests: Industrial Design, Architecture, Interactive Design, Graphic Design, UX Design

Kristi Bartlett

Interests: Healthcare, Technology, Human-centered design

Lauren Marie


Interests: ......

Mark Williams

Interests: Design of Educational Systems, Products, Legislations, Environments, Buisness & Brand Development, Graphic Design, Human-centered Design, Product Design, Adabptable Design

Mason Lucich

Interests: Product Design, Manufacturing Design, Human Factors, Ergonomics, Mechanical Engineering

Matilde Di Sparti

Interests: Interactive design, graphic design, UX/UI, User Research

Oda Kristine Jøssing Vollan


Interests: ......

Ronal Infante

Interests: Healthcare, Medical Devices, Electrical Prototyping, Design Research, Interaction Design, VR/AR, Web and Mobile App Development

Sachi Dalwadi

Interests: ‘Human’ + ‘Nature’ Centered Design

Steve Love

Interests: Circular Economies, Wearables, Community Development